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A tool/plugin for RPG Maker MZ that allows for the creation of map and battle HUDs using an external, custom-built editor. Everything from text and pictures to gauges and faces is provided. Presets for conditions, text, and numbers are also hard-loaded and ready to be configured for RPG Maker projects. 

This is the Pro version of HUD Maker Ultra. A paid version that provides additional functionality beyond the normal version of HUD Maker Ultra. If you're interested in giving the software a try before purchasing, be sure to check out the normal version here, available for free!

In addition to the features available in the normal version of HUD Maker Ultra, the Pro version also provides:

  • Multi-HUD organization/swapping, allowing for mid-game management using plugin commands.
  • The "component template" system that allows for custom component templates.
  • The "Custom" component with the ability to replicate similar HUD patterns with parameter variety.
  • The "Custom Collection", which automates a collection of templates based on a list.
  • The "Attach Collection", attaching a template to game objects in the world.
  • More animation options allowing for full control over how they're triggered and eased upon return.
  • The "Add-on" system, allowing for configuration over the components' color filters, mouse events, and code extension.
  • Additional inputs for dynamic numbers and text based upon dynamic lists and mathematical operations.
  • Complete support for existing HUD Maker Ultra projects created in the normal version of HUD Maker Ultra.
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Buy Now$40.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $40 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HUD Maker Ultra Pro (v1.2.0) - Windows 29 MB
SRD_HUDMakerUltraPro.js 80 kB

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Question before I buy this, anyone knoww if I can make the buttons clickable or hud to go OVER a message text? I plan to buy it next month anyways, but curious

Hello SRDude! I wanted to ask, if I'll buy the license, is it for one project or for as many as I want? Thanks. 

Hi, this is a really good tool. I've been using the free version for a while and I was wondering if the pro one allows you to show status effects like the baseline hud cause so far I've had to configure one icon image for each effect which is kinda of a downside.

After a long time I used this tool again... I didn't used it, because I thought it wouldn't be compatible with android. Now I tested it (new project with only Ultra Base, HUD Maker Ultra & HUD Maker Ultra Pro) and it works for me / on my phone. ^^

I evented some titlescreens, even small menus but with this tool it's so much easier. It can be a little bit difficult, there are many features that the tool offers. So take your time, it's worth it. :)

The tool works well but it has several bugs that you will only find when you really start creating different screens and need several features that don't have. I used it in a project but ended up abandoning it due to the lack of basic features that should be present in the current version. You may not encounter these problems, but unfortunately I did.

can you use this to make custom menu choices on the main map screen? I want to make custom menu choices to do a custom battle system and NOT use rmmz's system.

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Yes that's possible. You can add an "add-on" -> "on click" -> activate a common event or do a script-call.

Really useful plug-in, but work it for smartphone devices?




I paid 40$ for a tool that works well but doesn't have any after sales support. I will contact itch support to claim my refund. If you want to buy this tool, think about it, any problems or questions you have, you are on your own. I will have to redo everything I did in HUD Maker manually because I have a problem that directly affects my project.


Exactly my issue. It's like it was just abandoned after release.

Extremely irresponsible.


It is an excellent tool, there is no other like it. But without support it lost all shine, annoying little bugs and no one to fix.


Truly a shame.

how can i create an exp hud with it? I'm having difficulties

Gauge Value:
return $gameParty.members()[0].currentExp() - $gameParty.members()[0].currentLevelExp();

Gauge Max:
return $gameParty.members()[0].nextLevelExp() - $gameParty.members()[0].currentLevelExp();


Thank you very much, it worked perfectly

Man, your plugins are awesome, I hope someday you make the MZ equivalent for Character Creator 


My game will be made for Android only, can you confirm that it works correctly? Is 40USD too high an investment, or is there a refund if it doesn't work?

It works on android devices.


Dear SRDude, can you post a tutorial on Battle GUIs. So far I only see tutorial on maps. The only tutorial that is for battle is for MV only.


Dear SRDude, is the HUD Maker compatible with android builds? Because I can't run my game, it says that "nw is not defined" after compiling game to android. Can you please help me?


close "Auto reload hud data" will fix this

Thank you so much, will try this. 

Can you confirm if it works correctly for android? I don't want to buy and regret it.



I just purchased the pro version and I love it so far! Just had a few questions about a couple things, first is a title menu shown below. I was wondering how can I get the buttons to be clicked to start a new game/load/Options etc etc also how to go back to this screen if you leave the game.

The other question is a little more complicated. For my battle system all 5 of the characters have their own versions of attack/guard along with their class based skills. I was wondering how would you program those buttons? It would need to track whose turn it is. Any help is appreciated, have a good day.


Literally nobody knows how. SRD Abandoned this plugin after releasing it and left NO documentation involving battle hud or extra hud that can actually call functions.

Get a refund.

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I just bought this, I really love this tool it makes it so simple. I have one issue, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Or maybe I don't know if it's a feature.

I want to have an area that can be "Scrolled" down, because it has a lot of info in it. How would I go about doing this?

please come back, i want to buy this but with compatibility for android :(

How does picture gauge work? If I insert a picture, it appears weird on the screen :l

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Hello :-)
I love your plugin and the HUD Maker Ultra Pro is a great help in evolving our project. Big Thanks for that !

Furthermore I discovered a bug concerning the IconSet section. If you try to get the url via code it won't work because the code never gets processed:

The code set to return the url is present in line 1793 (of HUDMakerUltra.js) inside of iconData.Code, but later it gets forwarded via this._data.Code (line 1802) which is undefined. Hope this explanation helps to fix the bug ;-).

A short workaround for that is using this line in line 1802 of HUDMakerUltra.js:

this._dynamicText = new UltraDynamicText({ Type: 7, Code: this._data.IconData['Code'] }, this._hud.getConfig());

instead of:

this._dynamicText = new UltraDynamicText({ Type: 7, Code: this._data.Code }, this._hud.getConfig());


The Day this gets main menu etc editing powers its an instant buy. 

Comeback SRD the community needs you >.<


Did he abandoned this? seems like he has not replied to anyone.

If so that sucks, I need to now how to display the in game \$ and have it not appear as that and the in game value.

I bought the pro version and can safely say this is really great stuff. It's really easy to use if you just explore the options to see what you can do. I'm glad so much stuff is in there that won't require me using any JS.

This plugin is really helping me bring the presentation quality of my project up. Thank you again for all  you effort. I am actually porting my MV project to MZ because of this.


Hello, do I understand this correctly, that this app can't replace main menu or battle menu, it only adds extra views on top of map or battle? Are there any plans to make it possible in the future?

Hello, I'm a complete noob to RPG Maker MZ, and HUD Maker Ultra pro, and was wondering how to make a different HUD for the menu area that contains the different options like Items, skills, class, equip, and so forth.

I've tried everything, and even tried youtubing it, but can't seem to figure out how to implement this in the software. Could you please point me in the right direction how to do this, If it's even possible to do. I'm driving myself crazy with trying to figure this out.

Thanks in advance if you can help, and thanks again if you can't.


Wow, I'd definitely buy something like this for MV.

Hi, I'm using the pro version and I've got "ReferenceError: params is not defined" while trying to access the custom parameters (e.g. params["charID"]) in an On Click addon. Is there any other way to do this? :o

Sorry for the slow response! At the current moment, the "params" variable is not available within all code evals. I'll try and fix that in the next update! Thank you for your patience.


Now fixed?

Hi! I’m just curious, can you use this to make menus that aren’t in the original game? Like a Quest menu, or a Location menu?


Yes!  I personally made a menu for a game I made for a game jam, and it worked like a charm!

Is the same ability use-able in the free version? I’d love to support the creator, but I’m VERY slim on money right now...


The free version allows you to make two different HUDs, one for the map and one for battle.  The PRO version allows an infinite amount of HUDs that can be called with conditions you can event.  You might be able to make 1 customizable menu with the Map HUD of the free version if that's all you needed and I am sure it would work fine.   I imagine it would simply be the map HUD and using conditions to turn it off and on and not as the same as if you had the PRO version, but to make multiple menus you definitely need the PRO version.  I think the free version is still excellent, just if you are planning a complex menu system I don't think the free version will cut it...


Hey I  bought it and it's awesome! The 40$ wasn't a waste. Good job. ;)

Short question: does it work on android?

If not tested, I would test it, when I have time. ^^

(HUD-Maker for MV didn't worked with Android)


I haven't tested on mobile platforms, but it... should work?? Didn't do anything specifically that should disallow mobile export, but sometimes you just never know. 😅

As usual, I'd would recommend anyone interested to download the free version first to test it. Glad you like the program though! ^^


not working, i already tested in android. with error [ReferenceError] "Nw is not defined" 


i really want this, but it to expensive to me,, maybe someday..

save for it. It is worth buying mz for this alone! :o

He has a free version as well, the pro version is definitely worth it as you can make custom menus and the like, but the free version will allow custom map and battle HUDs that are completely unique to your game.

Can you use this with variables, or create gauges that adjust at different variable amounts? :o <3 thank you. If so, this miiight me my only reason to get this and MZ, down the road xD


Yup! You can create variable gauges in the normal version, so be sure to try it out!

SCREEEEECHHHHHHHRAAAAHHHH I love you thhank you, I can't rn but I will be purchasing thing in the near future~ THE BARDS SHALL SING MANY SONGS. xD


Hi, I'm in consideration of purchasing this as the Component Add-ons are appealing. I do have a few questions if you don't mind answering.

  1.  Can I make another component appear if I hover over another? 
  2. How sensitive is the On Hover? Like if I have a big image (lets say 200x200) with On Hover and make it spin. If I move my cursor over a component lets say (50x50) that's above that big image, will it continue to spin or will it stop? 
  3. Also does the On Hover trigger if hovering over the transparent section. Such as a donut shaped picture, would it trigger On Hover if the in the middle.
  4. Is it possible to make several small HP Bars(10 in this case) with each one only displaying a range of the HP? (0-10%, 11-20%, 21-30%, etc...). 

This is because I wanted to make a circular HP/MP bar, but it seems that this plugin only removes in an Left-Right (rotating gives different directions) type fashion. Which means I can't use a full circle or it'll remove the top and bottom at the same time, rather than moving along that circle.

Or do I have to make 10 full size HP bars with some of it missing and just have it display on the condition of being at [X]% HP?

Sorry for the inconvenience of these questions, but this plugin seems to be in my opinion the best by far when compared to other HUD plugins as it's so versatile. I just don't want to make a purchase and have it be unable to do what I'm looking for. Or at least know what I need to work around.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Thank you for your interest! To answer these questions:

1) Yes. For this you would need to have a Switch bound to the hover of one component (this would make the switch turn on/off depending if the component has the mouse hovered over it). Then the second component can simply have a display condition based on that same Switch.

2) I'm afraid in that case, the hover will still continue. There is no layering system, and multiple components can be hovered, so it would only stop hovering once the mouse left the 200x200 hit-box of the component.

3) Hovering will occur on transparent parts of images. It uses the image's dimensions and a square hit-box. Pixel collision would be too performance heavy to apply on all components, so you'll probably have to find a different plugin for this (or use smaller hit-boxes and create a system similar to question 1).

4) This behavior is not a built-in part of the editor (and there is no automated system for it), but it could be done using the "Code" tab for the inputs of Value/Maximum in gauges (this could probably be done in the normal version of HUD Maker Ultra). However, this would be slightly complicated and require a lot of work.

Long story short, I'm afraid that there is no support for circle gauges even with the Pro version. You could get creative and perhaps replicate something similar, but I don't think any of the Pro features would help that much, and you're much better of experimenting with the normal version of the program.

Thank you for the reply. It did confirm my suspicions. However, I already made the purchase and am quite satisfied with what it is capable of. Indeed, it's unable to do circular gauges but I've settled with that. I did notice when using a picture gauge it only draws from the middle 1/3 of the image, is there a reason for that? For instance, if I have a 300x300 gauge, the top 100pixels and bottom 100 pixels folder over onto the middle 100.

This was quite odd to me at first since, that means to have a proper gauge the height of the canvas needs to be 3x the size of the actual image, and the placing it in the middle. Since the height ratio is locked in the hud maker program, only allowing for width adjustments.

But all in all. I thoroughly enjoy this plugin and coupled program. The only suggestion I would have is in regards to the hue settings, that is using a standard RRGGBB input. Currently it just asks for a value of 0-360 degrees. Just a suggestion. Thanks for your time.

(1 edit) (+1)

Sorry for the confusion. Image gauges takes an image and splits it from top to bottom in thirds. The first third is the foreground, and the last third is the background. The middle is the part that is actually changed for the gauge value. Here is an example!

As for hue, unfortunately, there is no way to set the hue color directly, as that's based on the previous color of the image (red at hue 30 is different than blue at hue 30). Instead, I think what you may be referring to is the ability to set the tone of images. Tone lets you set any color as an overlay, but doesn't look as good. But I'll consider adding it in the future! ^^

I see. Thank you. That makes things so much clearer. And yes, I guess I was thinking of Tone. If you decide to add it, that'd be pretty neat, if not that's fine. Nothing a little photoshop can't fix. Again thank you for clarifying the image gauge. It gives me some ideas, as well as not needing to make a separate image for a background, border, etc... It's cool that this was a feature. I must have missed it in the free version.

This is really great SRDude.
Can you tell me how to access the custom parameter created via code?
Thinking about a barrier, a trance, or some custom additional gauge that separate from the current one.s


Yes, you can use the "params" object to access the custom parameter data in most code inputs within the program. For example:

var ActorId = params["Actor ID"];

Thank you for the answer 😸 and I will try it soon.

Hey! Great plugin (I'm using the free version)! Problem is that I keep getting that cannot read property of height message. Anybody able to help? Thank you!

As always, GREAT work, SRD! Look forward to whatever else you do!

Hello! I apologize for the delayed response. If you're still having issues, please visit my Discord (http://sumrndm.site/discord) and provide any information you can about the bug!

Thank you very much!

You're alright! I'm quite late at replying myself, so I can't fault you quite honestly XD

Fortunately, I think I was able to fix it. It seemed that a few of my core plugins were outdated and it was messing up a bit of the files as a result

This doesn't seem to work for MV. I've installed the .js under the SuperToolsEngine and it doesn't work. The free version worked but this one doesn't.

Sorry for the confusion, "HUD Maker Ultra" exclusively works on MZ. This goes for both the pro version and the normal version

The free version you're referring to appears to be the original "HUD Maker", which is for MV and does not have a paid version.

Yeah, I got hyped from the MV  video you made and got hit with the crippling defeat of this. I've asked Itchi.io for a refund, sorry as I don't have MZ. However, I do have to tell you only 3 things work for the MV version. Idk if you're planning on fixing that (I made a comment on your channel) Anyway good luck on everything :D

You cannot use anything made for MZ in MV and expect it to work.  

Hey there! Was using the free version along with VisuStella's Main Menu core. Is there anyway that I can set the HUD to be invisible while the main menu is open? This plugin is amazing but I'm having trouble figuring this part out.

Is there anyway to highlight which actor is active during first person battle?

Is it possible to edit the "Fight, escape, etc" menu?

What i'm almost angry at about this, is the fact that this is probably way better than what kadokawa would have come up with if they (finally) added a hud editor themselves.


Does it support visualising variables as bars? if i wanted to make a stamina bar for instance? 

examples are so different from MV its hard to know the capability 

Also glad to see your not dead :D


Yes! I'd recommend trying things out for yourself. Try out the normal version (available for free) here: http://sumrndm.site/hud-maker-ultra

To make a variable gauge, simply select the "Gauge" component, go to "Gauge Value", and then select the "Variable" tab. The gauge bar will now be the same as the number in the variable.

Also be sure to set the "Gauge Maximum" to the plain number you wish to represent the max fill (like 10 or something). You could even set the maximum value to also be based on a variable! 😁

(2 edits) (+1)

Just curious is there a way to display the HUD during parallel events. I am having some trouble getting things to work properly. I believe it is mainly due to my weather, and sound parallel events. (Edit) Found the culprit! Turns out it doesn't play nice with disabling the menu access. It is almost like it treats it as a constantly running event.


Oh wow, that's a weird bug, just tried it myself. :0

Sorry about that, I'll write a bug fix and update the plugin, should take about a day. Thank you for the report! 👌

(2 edits) (+1)

No problem, Glad you are going to fix it :) cause I sure don't know how lol.

Also it seems every time I animate the x or y position of an object, and then make it clickable, it gives me a "property" of null error in the play test.

I'd have told you sooner, but I just realized it myself.


Oooof, I probably should've checked back sooner. XD
All right, I'll investigate that issue as well! In the meantime, the "menu disabled" issue has been resolved!

Download the new "SRD_HUDMakerUltra.js" here (right-click, save-as): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SumRndmDde/HUDMakerUltra/main/SRD_HUDMakerUltr...

I'll update the one on the itch.io download once I resolve the other bug! ^^

You're awesome bro! Thanks.

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